Custom designed horn arrangements, ringtones, playbacks, trumpet-, trombone- and tubasolos, ready made brass sections (arranged, played, professionally recorded and mixed).


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schweizerische interpretengesellschaft (sig)
action swiss music
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Kriz Flew bought his hats at Hut-Hehner in Bielefeld, the finest hat shop in Germany, which is now closed.
He highly recommends Hutart in Winterthur.

Kriz Flew plays a limited edition Bach Stradivarius Model 197 «New York #7» with Alliance Mouthpiece no. 3.

Kriz Flew plays a bb tuba by Hirsbrunner.

Kriz Flew plays flugelhorns by Couesnon and Kuhnl & Hoyer.

Kriz Flew sometimes plays an old valve trombone by Getzen.

Kriz Flew wears a silk suit manufactured by Silk Street Shop in Beijing, China.

Kriz Flew records with DPA 4022 microphones into Studer 963 or True Systems Precision or Manley Voxbox preamps through an Apogee AD16X converter into an Apple Mac Pro with Logic Studio & Ableton Live.

Live his sound is captured by a DPA 4099 clip microphone.

Kriz Flew is (unfortunately) not an official neither unofficial endorser of the above trademarks or places and therefore completely independent in his opinion and the choice of his instruments.

Endorsement deals are highly welcome :-)